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Eradicating Doubt Eradicating Doubt

   Discussion: Eradicating Doubt
Pastor Tafrey Jamu · 7 years, 3 months ago

Read: Matthew 21:20-22

As we grow and mature spiritually, we become more solidly rooted in the confidence that God is faithful. But sometimes doubt will creep in and wither our trust. In order not to lose ground, we must act decisively to reduce misgivings. Here are three steps we should take:

First, recall God’s past faithfulness, and remember of His promises. When we devote time to thanking Him for His intervention in prior situations, we are reminded of His love and provision. Meditating on promises from Scripture also reassures us that He will continue to meet every need. For example, Psalm 41:12 says the Father is always present with His children, and John 16 says His Holy Spirit was given to us for strength and direction.

Next, water your growing faith with God’s Word. When you ask for scriptural guidance, the Lord will direct you to passages that relate to your situation and offer needed emotional and spiritual assurance. Spend time meditating on those verses, prayerfully considering how to apply the message to your circumstances.


And lastly, choose to believe God and His promises. He has proven Himself faithful from the first moment of creation to the present. We are wise to place our confidence in Him.

Developing a sturdy, well-rooted faith requires we cooperate with the Lord. Our human nature complicates matters by making us vulnerable to doubt. But when we choose to trust God, uncertainty cannot shrink our faith

Yours Always


Pastor Jamu


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